• Plants have NOT been hardened off. This is because it’s still early spring and we tend to see our last ground frost mid-November. Tomatoes, capsicums, and cucurbits are especially sensitive to frost. If you are growing under frost cover or in a greenhouse, you could start this process soon. To learn more about hardening off, this guide is a fantastic resource.
  • Cucurbits (courgettes & cucumber) have sensitive root systems that do not like to be disturbed. Be gentle when transplanting. If you can, remove the seedling & soil from the container in one motion, and gently place into much larger hole, filling in the gaps with soil, and tamping down lightly.
  • We suggest transplanting tomatoes deeply, especially if they are tall and lanky. You can snap off the first couple true leaves, then bury up to the existing leaves.
  • Most of the tomatoes we have grown are indeterminate. This means they will require staking or trellising. For more information on growing tomatoes, read this great article.

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